X-1 is global first smart industrial robot for manufacturing of the future - based on YASKAWA Electric robot - upgraded with intelligence, using standardised communication protocols, software and sensors. X-1 is fusing highest quality robots with intelligence and innovations to achieve outstanding performance and capabilities in the following application fields:
- Handling / Mounting: Series GP, ES, HP and MH
- Welding / Cutting: Series MS/VC, MC and MA
- Packaging / Palletising: Series MPL
- Painting: Series MPX and EPX
Designed for all company functions from Management board, Research & Development departments to Operational and Engineering teams.


The RoboticsX simulator is an essential element for all manufacturing companies entering in Industry 4.0 era. It is a core foundation for simulating manufacturing systems and processes, thus providing key benefits for planning, commissioning and operation, enabling Manufacturing integrator to carefully study and plan product assembly to the last detail. It empowers manufacturers to efficiently examine various design options and avoid pitfalls, resulting in faster and cost effective roll out of production lines.  

When designing and integrating new manufacturing line, RoboticsX simulator allows developing and testing industrial software applications in parallel to machine building and integration. This new approach increases design quality, which results in faster production deploy and project cost reduction.

RoboticsX simulator also empowers Manufacturing Operations. When introducing modifications to existing Manufacturing Applications, it allows for near zero costs functional and regression testing prior to deploying changes to production.

Simulator is platform agnostic and can simulate of up to 3.000 robotic instances at the same time.
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