• Strategic planning and execution of all aspects of product development including establishing product roadmap alignment between Product Management and Development organizations, building engineering teams.
  • As a technology leader, envision and execute on the notion of a platform that will support current and future product offerings. This will require collaborating with all of the product and technology stakeholders to understand strategic requirements and defining a roadmap for platforms services.
  • Role model technology-leadership by encouraging adoption of tools and solutions that solve for business in a cheaper and faster manner.
  • Promote Agile processes to advance rapid delivery of products and learn from user experiences. Foster a work environment that is innovative and fast.
  • Execute to success through diligent planning, attention to detail, effective delegation and efficient decision-making. Manage deliverables to budget and time.
  • Hire outstanding talent that can work in high performing teams and deliver advantaged results for the business. Develop a strong set of leaders that can drive success for the individual teams.
  • Build strong inter-personal relationships with peers and other key stakeholders that can help smoothen execution, identify new opportunities.
  • Lead change.
Rok Preseren