• Responsible for management of all Quality Assurance functions include planning, strategy, testing execution and tools.
  • Works with the Project Manager and other technical leaders to establish time tables and agree on a Quality Assurance plan for the KFS implementation.
  • Ensure that QA process is documented and communicated and adequate to ensure agreed quality levels for the application.
  • Ensure traceability of test cases to requirements, working with the project Business Analyst to ensure all requirements are tested.
  • Works with technical analysts to identify unit testing coverage and ensure any gaps are documented and addressed.
  • Work with Testing Coordinator to ensure testing of functional areas is complete, tracked and on-schedule.
  • Coordinates performance testing and ensures that performance standards are communicated and documented.
  • Oversees determination of need, selection and implementation, and maintenance of QA tools.
  • Oversees, point of escalation for the defect tracking database for all testing phases (update, follow-up and escalate overdue issues).
  • QA issue prioritization and resolution facilitation.
  • Facilitates weekly Quality Assurance meetings and maintains agenda.
  • Implement and integrate into continous testing and integration process