With integration and innovation to Production Performance

X1 Grid captures and transforms data from industrial systems, freeing employee time for finding and implementing process and device improvements.

Systems as YASKAWA electric robot devices, when connected to X1 Grid, become an upgrade version of its self. Raw data is transparently collected from the source, without any intermediaries, and transferred to the X1 Grid. Pure data is fed to different systems for analysis and information findings are transferred to custom applications and back to devices for continuous improvement.



Real time system performance management

Transparent source data fueling system KPIs

Continuous production improvements through data analysis

Greater production control


Asset optimization and management

Decreasing operational and service costs

Increasing Asset lifecycle

Context specific knowledge base

One-stop source for evaluating and resolving production stops


Simple system configuration and asset management

Parallel setup independent of existing solutions

Built on proven scalable infrastructure

Multi-Cloud and/or On premiss platform setup and support

Secure and open to 3rd party system integrations